The Association for Adorno Studies

The goal of the association is to foster inquiry into Adorno’s thought and to make the results of this research available to a community of scholars. Given Adorno’s interest in and contributions to the history of philosophy, epistemology, phenomenology, existentialism, ontology, aesthetics, critical and social theory, and other areas besides, we believe it is of paramount importance to constitute an association that allows not only for a gathering of scholars, but also establishes a presence in the academic community, and ultimately, in light of Adorno’s own sensibilities, supports a means for theoretical and practical possibilities as yet unimagined. The association actively encourages interdisciplinary conversation in the hopes of creating synergies for new lines of research that can ultimately prove important for novel disciplinary concerns. Finally, the association takes seriously Adorno’s aspirations for social change and hopes to encourage and provide a means for engagement with the world at large.

Martin Shuster
Kathy Kiloh


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  1. eric d meyer said:

    I’d like to see Adorno Studies have a blog line like the Heidegger Circle (of which I am a member). HC is set up via googlegroups.com to allow on-line dialog between members. Although the discussion comes and goes, there’s sometimes very lively scholarly dialog & frequent book announcements. I’m sure TW & Max could spark on-line dialog, too, if there was a format. And HC only charges me $15.00/yr. to be a member! I’d also like to contribute to your journal, if it’s accepting submissions. I’m afraid I couldn’t make the Dublin conference (not having copnference funding!). But if there were an on-lne venue, I’m sure I’d contribute. Thanks for being there.

    Eric D. Meyer

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